Alternative Styles on the site

Alternative Styles on the site

A new section featuring alternative styles is coming on the site…

I have been away from the site a long time now… I went through a phase where I couldn’t find time to update the site. Getting tired from my work commutes I became kind of a couch potatoe on my days offs. I wanted something new to refresh the website but was not sure what…

I have been interested in romantic/victorian accessories and clothing for a little while now. At times I would spend hours just looking through Etsy listings featuring Steampunk, Victorian, Burlesque and Gothic style items. I love the retro looks, the feminine laces and the quirky accessories that fall into these categories.

Now the question was: would these kind of items fit into my boutique? I realise it’s all girly and pink (or lilac as my work colleague would say) but it is also handmade, individual and different. All of which are greatly appreciated amongst the alternative communities. So I started… looking through my sewing box, picking my bits of laces and ribbons and pinning it all together… Oh I love the combinations!! So I made my first few bits of alternative style accessories and I will be featuring them very soon on the website.

I think I already had some bits and pieces of jewellery that could fit into the alternative styles section. I remember two girls dressed in beautiful black laces and layered skirts at the Southsea Boutique Market. They were looking at my black fimo flowers jewellery and organza items. So these will also be included in the alternative styles section.

I am so excited about this new section! I will be growing it soon with great new items, and I do welcome advice and suggestions as to what you would like me to feature.


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