Birthstones – Make a present extra special

Birthstones – Make a present extra special

Your friend’s birthday is approaching… Or maybe this is your partner’s. Of course you want to find her something special. Something  that shows how important she is to you. If you don’t know where to start, here is an idea. A good way to start shopping may be by looking at jewellery featuring birthstones. If it’s handmade jewellery, it’s even more special of course. The basic idea is that there is a gemstone that represent each month of the year. Different gemstones are believed to possess different properties and bring you health, wealth and fortune.

To find out which birthstone is the right one, have a look at the list below. You can either pick an item of jewellery that include the exact gemstone or alternatively you can pick a piece with crystals that represent the colour of the gemstone.


Garnet – Deep red/burgundy
Garnet is believed to attract love and promote long-term relationships. Shop for garnet/red jewellery.


Amethyst – Purple
Amethyst is a symbol of peace and unity. It is also thought to evoke feelings of serenity and calmness in those who wear it. Shop for amethyst jewellery.


Aquamarine – Pale blue
Aquamarine is thought to help ease conflict, rekindle love and new friendship. Shop for blue jewellery.


Diamond – Clear crystal
Zircon and diamonds inspire appreciation for life, inspiration, renewal, clarity and balance. Shop for clear crystal jewellery.


Emerald – Green
Emerald is thought to promotes romantic love and a strong mind. It helps with memory recall, thinking clearly and quickly. Shop for green jewellery.


Pearl/Freshwater pearl – Cream
Pearls are a symbol of youthful innocence and purity.It is also thought to help you enhance your personal integrity. Shop for freshwater pearl jewellery.


Ruby – Bright red
Ruby is known to be the gemstone of nobles. Ruby brings freedom, passion and vitality. Shop for red jewellery.


Peridot – Pale green
Known as the stone of compassion, it balances your emotions and mind. Peridot inspires eloquence, creativity and renewal of all things. Shop for green jewellery.


Sapphire – Blue
Sapphire is the stone of wisdom. It enhances creative expression and increases intellect. It also promotes friendship and love. Shop for blue jewellery.


Opal – Multicolor
Opal is the stone of inspiration and dreams. Opal also helps release inhibitions and promotes creativity and ingenuity.


Topaz/Citrine – Yellow
Topaz, known as the stone of optimism and awakening, imparts self-confidence, inspiration and higher intelligence. Citrine, known as the stone of success because it promotes prosperity in business ventures, is kindly referred to as the merchant’s stone. Shop for yellow jewellery.


Turquoise – Bright blue
Turquoise induces enthusiasm and also provides understanding, discipline and attention to detail. Shop for turquoise jewellery.


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