Jewellery trends for Spring/Summer 2012

Jewellery trends for Spring/Summer 2012

Although my handmade jewellery doesn’t always follow the main jewellery trends, I like to know what the great designers are doing each season. Whether they specialise in jewellery or not it is interesting to see what they feature because it can be inspiring. I spend almost 2 hours on the train each day so that gives me more than enough time to look through fashion magazines and learn more about the jewellery trends for Spring/Summer 2012.

So what appears to be In Vogue for the coming season?

Charms, charms, charms… Charm bracelets and charm necklaces were already trendy last summer and I can already predict that they will be everywhere again next spring/summer.  I personally love charms so I am delighted big designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Lancome decided to feature such gorgeous pieces in their advertising campaigns. Oh and don’t forget your handbag charm too!

I have also noticed a lot of oversized jewellery. Traditional, discreet jewellery pieces are SO yesterday. In fact the bigger, the better. That way, you won’t go unnoticed and neither will your fashion sense. Oversized jewellery is also a great way to dress up a simple outfit. A few examples of designers featuring oversized jewellery include Prada and Armani.

Another one of the main jewellery trends is beaded jewellery, layers of them. Whether they are made of precious materials or imitations, beads have been used in many jewellery designs for Spring/Summer 2012. Multi strand necklaces in particular featuring faceted beads or freshwater pearls will be a big hit for the coming season. A few examples would include Folli Follie, Ralph Lauren and Miu Miu.

A few designers have also gone for a retro 70s style with chunky bangles. Play it disco with plain bright bangle like Hermes or more boho with flowery details like Folli Follie. The trick is to wear several of them. Remember layers are still one of the main jewellery trends.

These are only a few of the jewellery trends I have spotted for Spring/Summer 2012. And although I always try to create jewellery that is different and bold, I realise that some elements of the main trends can also be found in my handmade jewellery. Feel free to comment on your favourite jewellery trends for the coming season.

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